Stu Segall Productions, San Diego Studio

Stu Segall Productions' studio is the only major working full time studio in San Diego County. The studio boasts 6 sound stages covering over 70,000 square feet and over 20,000 square feet of offices. The studio's technical services include T1, DSL and ISDN capabilities.

Production Support Services

  • Computer Hardware / Software & Technical Support
  • High Speed Duplicating Equipment
  • Set Dressing Department and Staff
  • Daily San Diego to Los Angeles to San Diego Courier Services

Construction Services

  • Completely Equipped Construction Mill and Staff
  • Complete Tool Rental
  • Metal Shop and Staff
  • Paint Shop
  • Scenic Art
  • Sign Shop

Technical Services

  • Grip Equipment
  • Set Lighting and Services
  • Production Sound Services
  • Steady Cam Equipment
  • Portable HVAC Equipment
  • ADR Studio
  • Computer Generated Graphic Arts Services

Transportation Services

Location Services

  • Thousands of Film Friendly Location Rental Contacts in Our Data Base
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