About Stu Segall

In 1970, Stu began producing and directing low budget features. In 1981, he started Image Entertainment, a laser disc distribution company. In 1984 he joined with Stephen J. Cannell Productions to produce the television series "Hunter" for NBC. After four years as a producer on "Hunter", Stu, known for his quality yet budget-conscious productions, produced several network prime time projects for Stephen J. Cannell Productions, Columbia Pictures Television and Weintraub Entertainment.

Drawing from many years of experience and knowledge, in 1991 he established Stu Segall Productions, Inc. a full service film production company which provides prime time network quality Television Series, Movies of the Week and Pilots. With writing and casting offices as well as post-production facilities in North Hollywood and a full service production facility in San Diego, Stu Segall Productions, Inc. has completed over 377 hours of series television.

Five features and 23 two-hour television movies of the week and pilots have also been produced for various studios and networks, including Studios USA, CBS, ABC, Showtime, Paramount, UPN, Columbia Tri-Star, NBC, Fox and Universal.


Stu and his wife, Wendy, have been married for 27 years and are the parents of two children, Cory, 25, and Morgan, 23. They currently reside in La Jolla, California.

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